Donte Rumph gets a tryout with the New York Jets

Donte Rumph gets a tryout with the New York Jets

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Yesterday, we shared a story with you about former UK defensive tackle Donte Rumph, who was cut by the Falcons last year and due to snafus with several agents, wasn’t able to get back on another roster even though teams were interested. Rumph is now camping out outside the Falcons practice facility in what he calls a “Tent of Faith.” This isn’t just a stunt–Rumph and his wife are currently homeless–but he hopes it will inspire others to never give up on their dreams.

Rumph sent this message to the CBS station in Atlanta about his mission:

This moment really means a lot to me, especially now, I just found out that my Grandmother, who raised me — has to have surgery after finding out that she has a lump in her chest. I am at my last bit of strength.

I went through 3 NFL agents who unfortunately didn’t do their part, leaving my career at it’s lowest. I was contacted personally by the Cardinals, Redskins, Jaguars, Giants, and more.. as they immediately gain interest the week I was cut I also lost opportunities that wasn’t in my control. Since my agent failed to communicate with them, and I was put the side I decided to take this into my own hands along with the only person who stuck by my side.

It was already hard enough that I had to deal with being cut, but even worse — that it was on National Television, with the Hard Knocks, on HBO.

This camp out is called, the Tent of Faith. And, I will be doing this, not only to save my career, but for my family as we don’t have a home right now, the youth, the next generation, and for athletes moving forward who aren’t briefed on the business behind the profession. After all the unpleasant reports on the news, with players getting in trouble, with 1st degree murder, spousal abuse, and positive drug testing in the past year – I thought, maybe this wasn’t the best type of exposure that we want to display to our youth. I WANT to CHANGE THAT.

I have already been humiliated, and it doesn’t get any worse than watching your own friends, and family all of a sudden stop calling, and you hear more crickets than ever. So having this tent up in front of the Falcons, Training Facility at Flowery Branch, I thought would be a humbling idea, and a perfect way to show PEOPLE how I WILL NEVER GIVE UP. I will be calling out a few names, including the new staff, and Arthur Blank himself. I also will be with my lady who has been there for me at my lowest, and helped me put this together. She hasn’t lived with her two sons (3 yr old De Amari, and 6 yr old Dj), for over a year and a half, due to her injuries that she sustained in Afghanistan, as she was a Military Police in the Army. Her kids father played Semi Pro Football, and while she was away for a year for treatment, he had a bad concussion in football field which left him completely brain dead. Her kids have been without both parents. And even though she just recently medically retired a couple months ago, her Military pay completely stopped and isn’t expected to come in for months. Now she is trying to transition from the Military to the Civilian life and just struggling. She is the voice behind the video, singing like an angel. All in all, we have been living on carpets, and offices, and moving from house to house… So this tent will define our true struggle. Military & NFL –

I attached the video link. Please check it out.

We just want more supporters to come and camp out with us, and enough media, exposure, and radio time to spread the awareness, and what some call, a “Statement and a courageous movement”, THE TENT OF FAITH.

Please do what you can, even if it’s just referrals, announcing it, or even prayers.

Sometimes we just need to humble ourselves and remember where we came from.

Thank you so much for your time!

#Godbewithus #RiseupRumph

Thankfully, Donte got some good news yesterday when the New York Jets called him with an invitation to try out. Good luck, Donte. We’re all in your corner.

[CBS Atlanta]

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