"Drive for 9" song gets some ESPN love

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By now you've probably already heard about the "Drive for 9" rap video in reference to this year's Kentucky basketball team. If you haven't, ESPN just caught wind of the story and picked up a few more details. Artist Henry Ogirri is the cousin of UK assistant coach Orlando Antigua. The song was written in 6 hours, directly after experiencing the Kentucky alumni game in Rupp Arena on September 15th. "I got all my inspiration in that experience," Ogirri said. Although Ogirri is pictured with Cal above, he's not sure Calipari has actually heard the song yet. "But my cousin (Antigua) loves the video. He was really excited about it." Kentucky does not return a single starter from the 2011-2012 national championship winning team, but Origgi doesn't believe that lowers expectations in the slightest for the Kentucky program and their fans. "I think that's the expected pressure that comes with being at Kentucky,"  he said. "They're an elite team. Coming off an eighth title, there's an idea to repeat. We've got eight, let's get nine." Origgi has already received a lot of feedback on the lyrics, and the "Fisher Price" line from the part of the song below seems to be garnering the most attention:
“We heavyweights, our competition is super-light/Super-light! Our freshmens make your seniors look Fisher-Price ... They call me Derek Anderson, how I rock my "Js" ... Every trey I make, I Antoine Walker Hall of Shake ... United we stand, divided we fall/This is a celebration, Do the John Wall."
Origgi had to walk a fine line between representing the school, while also having fun.

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