Dwight from The Office filmed a movie in Oldham County

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 2 years


If you thought you spotted Dwight Schrute from The Office in Oldham County recently, well, you may have been right.

Rainn Wilson, the actor who portrayed Dwight, is one of the stars of “Don’t Tell A Soul,” a new film that  filmed in various locations in Oldham County. In an interview with Wave 3, Wilson said he enjoyed his time in the Bluegrass.

“People in LA are jerks but people in Kentucky are very nice. So I’m thinking about relocating. Do you guys have beaches here anywhere?”

Wilson’s favorite thing about Kentucky, other than the people? The Abbey of Gethsemani near Bardstown.

“I don’t do bourbon, horse racing, drinking, partying, anything like that. Everyone else went out to shoot guns. And I went to the monastery.”

Wilson may not do bourbon, but has he tried the Abbey’s bourbon fudge? To die for.



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