E-mail from a reader: "Name Calipari head football coach."

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We get a lot of e-mails from KSR readers but none stand out like the one we received over the weekend with a suggestion for Kentucky football. The anonymous reader suggests hiring John Calipari to coach the Kentucky football team. "Name him coach now!," he writes. See for yourself: ********************** Hey Matt and Drew, What do you think about kicking this idea around on the radio show and blog… The UK football program needs a significant upgrade, and it can’t wait until the end of the season…too much is at stake, as things are spiraling downhill rapidly. How do you accomplish such an upgrade immediately? Don’t dismiss this idea right away…don’t laugh…give it some serious contemplation. Name Calipari head football coach. Yes, in addition to his basketball duties. Can’t possibly be done, you say…too much on his plate, you say. This guy thrives on action, and doing the impossible. The football program has problems, and he’s a problem solver. Name him coach now! Can you feel the energy and exposure it immediately gives the program? Let this guy head the program now. It energizes the players, the assistant coaches, the fans, the administration. He doesn’t know X’s and O’s, you say. The head coach doesn’t have to know that (but I bet he’d pick them up quick if he felt it was necessary). The X’s and O’s aren’t the problem. The head coach is the leader of the program, the manager. He motivates the staff and players to get the most out of their efforts the rest of this season. Who better than Cal to do that? He is the face of the program…that’s what is needed now…someone who gets respect in the sports world. He’s the only hope for the program this season. Imagine the sports world’s reaction to the announcement. He can run the show for the remainder of this season…calls ALL the shots. After the season (in his spare time, with the football version of World Wide Wes and others he knows) he uses his contacts to help him figure out how the program should be led in the future. Don’t say he only knows basketball people…you know that’s not true. He knows, or can quickly learn, the people to contact to discuss who out there would be the right person to head up this the program so it goes in the right direction starting next season and fans are finally given hope that eventually UK can compete in the SEC in football. No, basketball would not suffer. All he has to do is show up at some football practices the rest of the season (and stand as the head man on the sidelines for the remaining games), speak/lecture the players and staff each day with his incredible charisma and passion. The assistants coach the players…and don’t you think they would be coaching harder with Cal staring at them!! But mainly he becomes the face of the program…and that’s what the program needs right now…positive energy, somebody at the top that commands respect. Man, I’d like to see it happen. Tell me one other thing that instantly impacts the football program as much as naming Cal as the man in charge. It just isn’t there, is it. Come on, it’s time (way past time) to try something radical. Nothing else has done a darn thing to get the program to a consistent competitive level. Be daring…try something new. Look at the excitement it brings to the program!! There’s nothing to lose…do it NOW!! I’m sending this from a throwaway email address, so no need to provide attribution if you move the idea forward. Sincerely, Loyal KSR Fan ********************** It makes perfect sense! Why not pull Calipari off the basketball recruiting trail and away from his team to help motivate the UK football players?!! He doesn't have to know Xs and Os! He's Calipari!!! He's a genius!!! He can sell O'Douls to a Gillispie!!! No.

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