Eddie Gran Left the Kentucky Practice Field Excited

Nick Roush10/02/18


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Eddie Gran had a little extra pep in his step after Tuesday's practice.  "Really good" was the way Kentucky's offensive coordinator described the practice. "I'm excited.  They came out with a purpose," he said.  "Coach is always talking about, 'win the day.'  It's a step by step process.  You gotta win Monday. You gotta win Tuesday. You can't worry about Thursday, Friday or Saturday right now.  I think they came out with a great mindset." Even though Kentucky is 5-0, they're still hungry.  The Wildcats know they still haven't played their best football. "I think we came with intensity today.  Everybody's ready to go," said quarterback Terry Wilson.  "We know that it's gonna be loud out there in College Station.  We know that we have to bring our A-game, so we practiced up to a high level today." The volume of the speakers was at the highest level throughout practice, blaring the A&M fight song and cheers from the 12th Man.  It was deafening from afar, but Wilson embraces the noise. "I'm excited," Wilson said.  "I feel like I play at my best on the road.  I love those games.  I love the crowd against us.  It feels good to shut 'em up.  I feel like we're going to do big things."

Can Terry Catch a Pass?

Terry Wilson must be respected as the motion man in the Wildcat offense.  His legs are too dangerous for defenses to avoid, but if they do not cover Wilson, he's prepared to catch a pass from Benny Snell. That part of the Wildcat has always been in offense, but there are a few other wrinkles Gran is working on.  "We got some other stuff in those packages, so they've got to be defended," the offensive coordinator said with a smile.

A Family Affair

Terry Wilson grew up in Big 12 country.  An Oklahoma City native, he grew up watching the Sooners play teams like the Texas A&M Aggies.  He's excited to get a crack at them, especially with more than a dozen family members making the 375 mile trip from OKC to College Station.

Drake's Take

Drake Jackson spoke at length about playing on the road and why the Wildcats embrace the hate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYIFK9QHf9Q

Kinnard's Smooth Transition

Without Naasir Watkins, true freshman Darian Kinnard is now the backup for both tackles.  Drake Jackson said he's seen Kinnard improve since he dropped significant high school weight in the preseason.  A left tackle in high school, backing up E.J. Price is like riding a bike. "That's where he was in high school.  It's kind of home for him at that spot," Gran said.  "He feels very comfortable."

Rodriguez and Smoke are Ready to Go

Sihiem King will sit on the sideline for the rest of the season to utilize the new redshirt rule.  He's still practicing, but if Gran needs another running back, the two true freshmen will dress and travel with the team to every road game in case of emergency. [mobile_ad]

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