Eddie Gran's Bonehead Call and How He Humbles Benny Snell

Eddie Gran's Bonehead Call and How He Humbles Benny Snell

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[caption id="attachment_209578" align="alignnone" width="758"]UK Athletics UK Athletics[/caption] Kentucky's offense came out hot on the first drive, but struggled to put up points in the first half.  When they left the locker room at halftime, they did exactly what they were supposed to do. "We did what we should’ve did in the first half, other than the fumble.  But we came out and scored three touchdowns in a row, had a chance for four.  I’m taking responsibility for the one," Gran said. Gran is still kicking himself for making that call near the goal line.  "That was a bonehead mistake, a bonehead call.  I could’ve totally helped him out in that situation and I didn’t, but it’s part of it.  He’s got responsibility and he knows that, but I could’ve eliminated that." Regardless, he was encouraged to see his offense execute during the final minutes of the first and second half. "I thought our two two-minute drills were fantastic," Gran said.  "We got points at the end of the half.  We got that three points there and at the end of the game we got three points.  I thought we can build off those two things.” There are a few areas the offense needs to build upon, the one exception is Benny Snell.  The freshman running back has received so much praise, justified praise, that Gran likes to remind him of the things he still needs to work on. "There's times where I got to kick him in the rear end, because you can imagine people patting him on the back," Gran said.  "It's my job, this week, I have been crushing him and bringing him right back down to reality.  And we laugh about it and joke about it but you got to be careful.  You can't ever get bigger than this football team, ever.  Nobody can.  He's not.  I'm just reminding him.” Snell doesn't take the jabs personal at all. "I'm used to it.  He's been crushing me since December," Snell said.  "I take most of his messages good and try to take a positive out of them so I can grow.  He's a really good coach."

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