Eddie Gran's Offense is Starting Camp Further Ahead

Eddie Gran's Offense is Starting Camp Further Ahead

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It's only the Kentucky football team's third practice of the 2017 season, but they're already ahead of schedule.  Even after some sloppy execution in the first practice with shoulder pads, Eddie Gran can do a lot with his offense. "Between the motions, movements and expanding the offense, we're able to be further ahead," Gran said.  "Right now for day three install, where we're at, we could use these three installs right here and play a game.  That's something we couldn't do last year." Returning an offensive coordinator for the first time since 2014, the Cats have continuity in the offensive playbook.  It's empowered the offense to play fast, without having to think. "We're just rolling right in it," Garrett 'Juice' Johnson said after practice.  "I can be more of myself.  Now I feel like we've been doing this offense for so long, even though it's just the second year. We've never had the same offense coordinator for two years." Stephen Johnson sees the confidence not in just his receivers, but the entire offense. "We know the plays that we have going into it, and we know what we can do," Johnson said.  "Before we started team period today, I just brought the offense together and told them we can only stop ourselves and we really believe that." This does not exclusively apply to veterans.  The freshmen who arrived this summer used the time to get ahead.  Now they aren't missing a beat. "It is a bit of a surprise," Johnson said.  "A lot of freshmen guys come in here and just try to catch up.  The guys here are already caught up for the most part.  They looked really well yesterday and today with pads on, just with the way they're running their routes and catching the ball." Stay tuned for more on the freshmen who caught the coaches' eyes in the first three practices. Until then, watch Gran's appearance at the podium in his first media appearance from training camp. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=It1ZZ9fP1A0 w

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