Email Responses to UK's Call for a New Wildcat Mascot

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Aritcle written by:Chris TomlinChris Tomlin
ken-mascot From: Harvey, Brad Re: Mascot Auditions   To whom it may concern,I’d like to be considered in your current search for a new Wildcat mascot. I have previous experience as the mascot for my high school team in Western Kentucky and have been active in both cheerleading and gymnastics for over eight years. I’d be happy to submit more credentials if requested. Thanks for your time. Sincerely, Brad Harvey. ------- From: Larson, Kyle Re: Mascot Hello! I’m Kyle and I’d like to be UK’s new Wildcat mascot. I think I bring quite a bit to the table. I currently own an American flag tuxedo with tails and matching top hat, several sequined vests of varying color, overalls, oversized Zubaz pants and all of my headbands are two feet in diameter. I’d be happy to provide photos on request. Thanks. ------- From: Nardin, Gerry Re: New Wildcat Hello, my name is Gerry , I’m 48 years old and I’m interested in auditioning to be your next Wildcat mascot. Also, I was wondering if, during away games, sometimes the men and women cheerleaders have to change clothes together. I know this would be a problem for some people but I assure you I do not want to make waves or cause trouble in case there are not two changing rooms. I would understand the situation and be okay with it. Attached you will find my application and I hope to hear from you. -------- From: Borden, Helen Re: Kitty Mascot I saw you are looking for a new mascot to represent your school and would like to know when I can bring my cat Jingles by to meet you. He is a silly cat! Look at him! He’s such a big silly boy! What a good kitty! Who likes to snuggle? Jingles, that’s who! Jingles likes to snuggle. Please let me know the exact time you’d like me to bring him by because I have to give him a tranquilizer pill exactly two hours before we get in the car. Thanks. ---------- From: Godwin, Steven Re: Your New Mascot I noticed on KSR today that you are seeking a new mascot. Look no further! For the past two years I have lived almost my full life as a cat. I have a custom costume which I wear around my house and sleep in and, although the bank where I work will not permit me to be a cat during my work hours, I think you will find that I have all the qualities you seek. I currently weigh in excess of 270 pounds so climbing stairs or pushups may be problematic but I’m working on it. Looking forward to meeting you. ---------- From: [email protected] Re: Better Than Scratch Hello, I’m writing today about auditions for your Wildcat mascot. The Wildcat has always been a special figure to the fans for years. You know who I hate? Scratch. He’s the worst, right? So lame. Scratch is just terrible. But you know what? Whoever that guy is in side the Scratch costume is really good at being a mascot. He dances the best and he jumps and he gets people really excited. I bet he’d make a great Wildcat mascot. He’d probably be even better at being the Wildcat than he already is as Scratch. If you want let me know and I’ll tell him to stop by and talk to you. He’s probably a super cool guy too. Let me know what you think and I'll call him. Thanks.

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