Erainer Davis: Wildcat Supermom

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ErainerDavis Last year at this time, Anthony Davis was still a Kentucky Wildcat, basking in the glow of a recent national title and Player of the Year awards, set to be the number one pick in the NBA Draft.  But, in spite of all of the accolades that the season brought him, Anthony never forgot who to thank for his success: Erainer Davis, proud momma and Wildcat fan extraordinaire.  Last year, amid the championship hoopla, Anthony let Erainer pick out a car for Mother's Day, and the gesture hasn't gone unnoticed in his new home.  This year, Baton Rouge newspaper The Advocate took a look at how good upbringing has helped Louisiana's biggest basketball star stay disciplined in the hard-partying Big Easy. The story has a few tidbits about Anthony's gift to his mom (a Chrysler 300), and some stories of how Erainer still flies down to New Orleans to cook for Anthony and bake cookies.  It also includes this golden quote from the lady herself:
He has been very responsible.  I told him that the NBA is a man’s game, and you’re going to have the groupies coming at you, the girls coming at you. You’re going to have to be smart and protect yourself all around. I thought it was going in one ear and out the other, but there have been no problems. He has shown me that he has listened to me and that he is a very good kid.
We all know how well Anthony turned out, and it looks like we have Erainer Davis to thank.  Plus the genetics for that glorious uni-brow (which, admittedly might have come from Anthony Sr.'s bushy double-brow).  And you might not be able to buy your mom a Chrysler 300 for Mother's day, or get her tickets to your NBA game in New Orleans, but that doesn't mean you can't do anything.  There's still three and a half hours left, if you'd forgotten or otherwise neglected.  Anthony Davis is thankful for his mom, which means you should be, too.

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