Everyone Wants to Go to Battle with Tyler Ulis

Everyone Wants to Go to Battle with Tyler Ulis

Bobby Reaganover 6 years


Aritcle written by:Bobby ReaganBobby Reagan
[caption id="attachment_170132" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Mark Zerof | USA Today Mark Zerof | USA Today[/caption] Well, here's something we've all thought before. Everyone associated with Kentucky would 'go to war' with Tyler Ulis. DraftExpress tweeted out today that "One NBA team asked each Kentucky player they interviewed "which UK teammate would you pick to go to war with?" All answered same: Tyler Ulis." That NBA team could ask the entire Commonwealth and I think the answer would be the same. Hopefully the NBA team was the Sacramento Kings who just wants to see if DeMarcus Cousins was telling the truth about getting into a scrap with the little 5'9" guy from Kentucky last summer. This is just more praise for a guy who should get used to it.

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