Fatherhood Made Josh Allen Reevaluate Future

Nick Roushover 3 years


Aritcle written by:Nick RoushNick Roush


Josh Allen had many things to consider while making the difficult to decision to stay at Kentucky for one more year, or declare for the NFL Draft. "It was stressful at times.  It was also humbling," Allen said.  "Just for me to be at that point where I can choose to go to the NFL or come back, it was humbling.  I think it's pretty cool." Make money to play football, or improve his game without a salary?  Fight to break school records, or fight for an NFL roster spot?  Pull a Boom Williams or a Bud Dupree?  At the end of the day, only one thing mattered: his son. "Once he came, it changed everything.  It made my thought process a little different." Not long after the Music City Bowl, Allen had to temporarily set aside his NFL decision to welcome a child into the world.  Through sleepless nights with his son, it changed his perspective on the situation.  While contemplating his decision to remain at UK, one thought prevailed. "The thought about leaving and coming back.  It changed everything once he came.  That's another way it humbled me.  Now everything I do affects him." Being a father was not the only reason he decided to return for his senior season.  He took the feedback from the NFL, his head coach and his family, then compared the pros and cons.  One person who played a big part was his teammate who was making the same decision, Mike Edwards. "Me and Mike talked a couple days prior for hours, discussing what we can do.  If we do leave what would happen.  If we do come back, what would happen.  The good outweighed the bad and we decided to come back." Having a friend to talk through a tough time made his decision an easy one. "He knows what I'm going through.  He doesn't know about the baby," Allen laughed. "But other than that, the football aspects he knows exactly what I was going through and I knew exactly what he was going through." Edwards helped Allen reach a final conclusion, a decision that was ultimately made by his newborn son. "Him being there made the decision for me.  I couldn't leave him."   https://youtu.be/r0lutaI2cuQ [mobile_ad]

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