First Look: The KSR Board Game
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First Look: The KSR Board Game

Matthew Mahoneover 5 years



Just in time for Father's Day, Funkhouser is excited to give you a sneak peek at one of this year's best gifts, The Official Kentucky Sports Radio Board Game!  Whether you're a devoted listener to the daily KSR radio show, an avid reader of the site, or simply love competing against others to test your knowledge (albeit trivial) in categories like:  sports, history, pop culture, life or death scenarios, geography, arts and sciences, country bumpkin music, then this tabletop game is for you.  Funkhouser has a long history of previewing board games, in fact Richmond Bramblett has written extensively about some of the hottest games to hit the market this year, and because we love our KSR family, we're giving you an exclusive look into the upcoming game.  Enjoy!


"Tell me, who are you?"  Each player (up to four) can choose their own unique pewter token to represent themselves while they wander around the game board, including, but not limited to:  a visor, microphone, werewolf, basketball, sandwich, and even a piece of stolen silverware {Ryan Lemond's favorite}.


Risk cards

"Go ahead caller!"  Uh, oh you drew the dreaded Line 5 Card!  The rules clearly state that any player who draws this card must forfeit a turn.  Warning: there are multiple opportunities in which a player could be dealt a Line 5 card, and as you can imagine, players dealt this fate will have the ill fortune of practically being forgotten during gameplay.


Commentary Cards

"You know, I hadn't considered that!"  These cards are plentiful and like opinions, players will have a chance to declare theirs multiple times during gameplay.  If dealt, each card requires the player to select from one of the three topics listed on the face of the card and when ready, the holder must deliver a convincing and passionate two minute monologue on the subject.


Game Board

"Tell me how you really feel!"  If your token lands on the space below, you better have thick skin.  Players who unfortunately stumble upon the KSR Comment Section of the boardgame, are forced to endure vile and hurtful insults hurled from the other players until they roll a snake eyes or pay $300.



"Dolla, Dolla bills y'all!"  Each player is given $2,000 divided into various denominations.  Interestingly enough, the money is actually leftover booty-shaking cash, generously provided by Shannon The Dude.


There's so much more we wish we could show you, but that would spoil the surprise.  Mark your calendars, call your friends, clear some table space and reserve your's today, but hurry now because supplies are limited and we have a feeling the game will sell out quick.

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