Five Things We Learned from Matt House's First Interview
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Five Things We Learned from Matt House's First Interview

Nick Roushover 5 years


Article written by:Nick RoushNick Roush


house-pitt The hiring of Matt House became official last Thursday, but we we had not heard from the new inside linebackers and special teams coach until this morning.  After speaking with Tom Leach, I think it's safe to say Stoops' newest addition will fit in just fine.

He's Definitely a "Football Guy"

I initially liked the hire based purely on his goatee, an overt symbol for football guys everywhere.  After hearing him speak for less than 30 seconds, my initial beliefs were confirmed. It's mid-May and House sounds like he's been screaming on a football field.  He has no voice.  It's the raspy tone that never leaves.  Only drill sergeants and football coaches can live under these constant conditions and House wears it like a badge of honor, refusing to cough or clear his throat to improve the quality of his voice. What's even more encouraging -- he's a middle linebackers coach that takes his aggression into the special teams room.  He frequently discussed winning "one-on-one battles" as an integral part of proficient special teams.  Even though that may seem obvious, the emphasis on the word "battle" will send a chill up your spine. Intensity will not be lacking when House is around.

House Believes Coach Stoops is "Building Something Big"

He was extremely happy when he first heard from Coach Stoops, describing it as an "exciting opportunity."  In the football world, House said Stoops has the reputation of a great recruiter and an exceptional defensive mind.  Hopping on board was not a difficult decision.

His Greatest Coaching Influence is...

Steve Spagnuola, the current defensive coordinator for the New York Giants and the former head coach of the St. Louis Rams.  House credits "Spags" for making him a great teacher of the game.

He Don't Want No Scrub

House doesn't believe that special teams should be reserved for the backups.  Even though sometimes those jobs often go to the younger guys who aren't starters, if there's a starter that gives him an advantage he will not hesitate to use him.  "Whatever's gonna help you win the best," he said.

The Benefits of Coaching in the NFL

House spent four years in the NFL coaching special teams.  At the highest level of football, helping players improve isn't an easy task.  "It forces you to learn to be a great teacher," House said. It helped him become a better communicator.  If players didn't feel like he was helping them extend their careers, they were not as responsive.  It forced him to focus on the most minute details, placing a premium on precise technique. You can listen to the entire ten-minute interview below, beginning around the 27:50 mark. 

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