For Andre, What a Ride It Has Been
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Kentucky Wildcats

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For Andre, What a Ride It Has Been

Shawn Bridwellalmost 14 years


Article written by:Shawn BridwellShawn Bridwell
Andre Woodson Leaves UK After Setting Several Records, Including passing Danny Wuerful for the SEC Record Of Most Touchdown Passes In a Season With 40. Andre Woodson knows all to well of what it feels like to have your back against the wall. After starting the 2005 season as the Wildcat signal caller, Woodson slacked off and  pouted his way to second string coming out of the 2006 spring practice session. For a guy who was invited to the Elite 11 quarterback camp in high school, which only the big dogs are welcomed at, this is not how he visioned his college football career to unfold. Sometimes in life, we need something that can trigger us all to greatness. Sometimes it is right in front of our face, and at other times we must dig deep to identify just exactly what that something might be. Regardless, there is a time in every-one's life where you are confronted with crossroads, and whichever path you decide to take can have a lasting effect on the rest of your life. After Leading The Cats To Consecutive Bowl Victories For The First Time Since 1951-52, Woodson Has The Kentucky Football Program Sky High With Future Expectations For Woodson, a simple look in the mirror and a notion to 'grow up' has jump started the Kentucky football program to new heights. Since regaining his starting position two seasons ago, #3 has thrown 71 touchdown passes to 18 interceptions, over 7,000 passing yards and a 16-10 record with two bowl victories. A far cry from almost quiting the sport all together in the spring prior to the 2006 season. But it is winners like Andre Woodson, who show their character when the chips are down that give hope to all of us that we can make things happen if we truly want it bad enough.  Everything that he has accomplished he has had to bust his butt to earn, and all of the accolades that will be presented to him in whatever fashion they may be, he deserves as well. Andre Woodson isn't just a star quarterback, he isn't just a football player that has helped put a once awful UK football program on the map, Andre Woodson is what gives everyone the hope that they can too be something special. Woodson is going to make millions playing in the National Football League, but for what he has done and how he has done it at the University of Kentucky, he has touched EVERYONE who at one time or another thought about giving up as well. You will never be forgotten, Kid. We Love you #3.

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