Former Cats Celebrate the End of the Streak
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Former Cats Celebrate the End of the Streak

Jay Winklerabout 3 years


Article written by:Jay WinklerJay Winkler


31 years of pent up rage and resentment towards Florida was finally released last night when the Cats took down the Gators, 27-16. It was a cathartic night for everyone who rooted for the blue and white, and represented the final hurdle that Mark Stoops needed to overcome to put aside any residual hate coming his way. Arguably the biggest monkey on the backs of fans and players alike was finally set free, and along with it, the dreams of everyone who has suited up for the Big Blue who couldn't finish the job themselves in years past were finally realized. Even these former Cats couldn't help but join in on the celebration: Does anyone else plan to play "Grove Street" on loop for the next 6 days? Or just me? @JayWinkKSR

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