Friday Night Notes and Quotes from Football Practice

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[caption id="attachment_193690" align="alignnone" width="600"]UK Athletics UK Athletics[/caption] Hi friends.  It's strange seeing you tonight.  Friday night is usually reserved for high schoolers, but tonight is the rare exception the media had the chance to meet with the football team.  Here's a little from my conversations with Darin Hinshaw, Boom Williams and Dorian Baker. Boom has Never been in Better Shape "I fell like I'm ready to go, I couldn't be more ready," Boom said after practice.  "I feel like I'm in the best shape that I've been in since I've been here." I asked him if he could start the season better than he started last year: "That's the goal." The Difference in the Receivers is "Apples to Oranges" Darin Hinshaw has been pleased with the work ethic from the receivers in camp, running "miles and miles" each week.  They understand the system and now they look much different than they look when he first arrived. "It's apples and oranges from where we first got here in January to where they are right now," Hinshaw said. A New Stage for Tailgaters IMG_1787 Last year was the first time pregame concerts became a weekly tradition in UK tailgating.  Previously, they used a temporary stage near the Cat Walk.  Now a new permanent fixture will be in place in between the practice fields and Commonwealth Stadium, giving fans a place to gather before the team makes the walk in full pads from the new training facility to the stadium. There's No Set Running Back Rotation Boom said they've never operated at a higher capacity under Coach Gran, but they still don't have a set rotation heading into game week.  "Right now everybody's just going with the flow." Battles with the Defensive Backs Lamar Thomas and his receivers have repeatedly emphasized the importance of competition at the position.  That was again the case today, but that competition isn't just between the receivers, it's against Kentucky's lengthy defensive backs. "You really don't see too many 6'3" or 6'4" corners on an everyday basis," Dorian Baker said. "For me to be facing them everyday, it's a challenge.  I get to work different releases and different techniques against them to make myself better." Praise for the QBs During the summer,  they only threw the ball three or four days a week without shoulder pads.  They've worn their arms out the last few weeks, but the effort has paid off heading into game week. "I'm really proud of where Drew and Stephen both are," Hinshaw said.  "I think they're both ready to play and ready to go win."   Dorian Baker can see the difference in QB1.  "He's more confident with himself.  He doesn't second-guess himself anymore."

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