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BEz6ANWCIAAORgr.jpg-large As you read this, I am in California, probably asleep after Day One at the BNP Paribas Open. We will have more on that this weekend, but for now my reaction is basically the one shared by the UK fans above. Watching UK this season has been unbelievably frustrating. The team simply hasn't performed and players have not reached anywhere close to their maximum capacity levels. What started as a year with promise and potential for growth, has turned into a difficult-to-watch limp to the end of a tumultuous regular season. In theory, as Calipari said after the game, a win over Florida and a lot can be forgotten. A win would probably give Kentucky the #2 seed in the SEC Tournament (there are some scenarios to the contrary, but it would likely work out that way) and still could put the Cats in the Tournament. But after the road performances at Arkansas and Georgia, why would we think that can happen? I won't dissect the team. You know the problems as well as I do. And after a national championship last season, I honestly feel silly in complaining about virtually anything the next year (especially when a juggernaut class is coming on board next fall). But after spending a day in a Tennis media room, watching the Cats struggle, I can't help but feel like the guys above. Person after person kept coming up to me and Drew (from all over the country and some from all over the world) and asking "you like Kentucky? What has happened to the Wildcats?" The answer is a lot of things have happened, but at the end of the day, we thought that despite these faults, the Cats would still overcome. It is looking like, absent a late miracle, they will not. And that is both frustrating and perplexing.

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