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 - Thanks to thrownig for over 700 yards against two stout defenses and Ryan Mallett turning into Mr. Glass, Mike Hartline is now leading the SEC in passing yards and touchdowns.  He has thrown for 2,144 yards in eight games and now has 17 touchdowns (and only four interceptions).  Morgan Newton has thrown for zero.  - Proving the potency of the passing game, UK receivers hold three of the top five spots in receiving touchdowns in the SEC.  Chris Matthews leads the conference with seven and Randall Cobb and La'Rod King are tied for fourth with five.  - In their two combined games against Kentucky, Washaun Ealey and Trey Burton rushed for 10 touchdowns.  In their other combined 12 games in 2010, they have five between them.  - Kentucky is learning that offense can only get you so far.  UK is now the SEC's 11th-ranked scoring defense and 98th in the nation, giving up 31.6 points per game.  Even worse, they are giving up 39.8 against SEC opponents.  Nationally, they rank 89th in rush defense and 17th in pass defense.  They are 50th overall.  - One bright spot on the defense has been Danny Trevathan, who leads the SEC in tackles wiht 81.  It also puts him at 19th in the nation.  Imagine how many he'd have if he had been healthy.  - On the other side, the are second in the conference in points per game with 34.8.  That total also ranks them 23rd in the nation in scoring offense and they rank 31st nationally in total offense.  Sadly it's not going to get it done with that defense.   - Also, the Cats are 119th in the nation in red zone defense.  But, hey at least Penn  State is lower.  No one else, just Penn State.  But, hey, it's Penn State!  - Kentucky also ranks 106th nationally in kickoff return yards allowed, giving up an average of 25 yards per return.  That's good for 11th in the SEC (Arkansas).  - Kentucky's 1.5 sacks per game (12 total)  rank 10th in the SEC, ahead of only Alabama (surprise!) and Tennessee.  It also places them at a sexy 87th in the nation.  - Don't believe the hype.  Kentucky is 23rd in the nation in attendance, averaging 100.65% capacity this season at Commonwealth Stadium.  It is believed that at least half of those people realize they're at a football game and act accordingly.

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