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Gators and Cats.....The Lowdown

by:Matt Jones09/24/06
Well after having a day to reminisce over the sweet sounds of Mike Patrick (who surprisingly did not work in a Duke basketball reference during the game), we are ready to review the night that was at the swamp. Kentucky-Florida on could it be better. The Good (1) Lots was good, but some things stood out. To begin with, you have to give the highest praise to Andre Woodson. I thought 'Dre (thats what the kids are calling him) looked comfortable in the pocket, through the ball with amazing consistency and made the best decisions of his career. He made nice passes when they were required, was able to scramble at the right times and threw the ball away when necessary. While he often had very little time, he never seemed frustrated and many of the passes in the first half were some of the best he has thrown. For Woodson, this could have been a make or break night in some ways. He had to show that he plays well not just against the minnows, but the fish as well....and he did that. (2) Gotta give a lot of credit to the relatively unknown guys in new positions, like Maurice Grinter. Because of injuries and various position switches, guys were playing new roles, but many stepped up and all played with tremendous effort. When you look back at this game, effort is the word that comes to mind. You got the feeling that every Kentucky player left all he had on the field. That is a good sign. The Bad (1) The Offensive Line continues to be simply dreadful. I know that losing McCutcheon put things in a bit of flux, but there comes a point where we simply have to acknowledge that we dont have an SEC caliber offensive line. The players got winded in the second half and there simply were no backups to take any of the strain off. Woodson never had time to do anything in the second half and the offense quickly stagnated. (2) Mike Archer again left me wondering at times with his scheme. I mean everyone watching the game KNEW that when Tim Tebow came in he would run. He did it against Tennessee repeatedly and there was no secret that this was his plan. Yet he came in and on three straight plays carried the ball 63 yards. That is simply unacceptable and the Cats looked confused during those possessions for the first time in the game. The Ugly Holly Rowe. What has happened sister? I mean I didnt even see the game in high definition, but I could tell that Rowe was not looking her....or even Hubby's best. Look we all know that sideline reporters are useless, but if they are gonna exist, they either need to be truly informative (like Andrea Kramer or Shelley Smith) or really hot (like Erin Andrews, Melissa Stark or Tony Sirigusa). Holly Rowe just aint cutting it on either front. The Odd Is there any way to make it so that Rich Brooks goes ballistic at the referees every game? Watching him blow his gasket on the offside call and the end of the first half time situation was high comedy. Folks, they PULLED THE STATE TROOPERS ON HIM!!! That simply doesnt happen much. Only Bob Knight or John Cheney get that kind of treatment. Throw in the fact that he and Archer looked like Archie and Edith Bunker and an isolated cam on Brooks seems to be in order. All in all, good and fun game. Sets up well for Central Michigan and a (now) winnable game against South Carolina. Go CAYTS!!!!

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