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I know it can be tough to contain your excitement over these forthcoming links but there is really no need to emulate the beacon of enthusiasm that is Erik Spoelstra. Perhaps he didn't know he was on the screen yet. Maybe his icy stare was the result of complete focus on the coaching job ahead of him. Who knows, clearly he didn't have enough emotion to fire up the Heat for a victory. Onto the links. -Some Cats are off to the major leagues. Corey Littrell, Trevor Gott, and Jerad Grundy all got the call that they'd been picked up by a major league organization. Congrats to the group of senior pitchers on making their dreams a reality. -Athletes, and people in general, are caught getting weed shipped to their house all the time. However it isn't every day that the package in question is addressed to a dog. That's what happened with Cleveland pitcher Chris Perez whose dog must be battling a tough case of glaucoma. Stay strong Fido. -Mark Cuban is sick of flopping. So much so that he's willing to throw down one hundred large to sponsor a university study to bring it to an end. Can we get some of that money to educate SEC refs on the block/charge call? -Orb won't be going for the triple crown but the Belmont Stakes will still get underway tonight in New York. Orb or Oxbow, who ya got?  

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