Get yer Anatomix Spawn Colorways now

Stuart Hammerabout 8 years


Aritcle written by:Stuart HammerStuart Hammer


Elite-24_Spawn-Anatomix_Profile1 If you can believe it, these are actual shoes. They are made by Under Armour for the 2013 Elite 24 event tonight in Brooklyn. It is like a cross between the flair of old school Reebok’s and the practicality of Jordan’s, but with an alien intervention. I guess the kiddos like the style? Either way, Team Bed-Stuy and Team Coney Island will duke it out tonight in a new outdoor court under the Brooklyn Bridge at 7 p.m. on ESPNU and these will be on their feet. Nike pioneered the trend of wild uniform elements, and Under Armour has certainly followed suit. Chalk this one up to a recruiting pitch, even if it isn't for a school. Selling the brand is just as important for those connections to big-time programs. Elite-24_Hypergreen_Detail_Micro-G   Elite-24_Blaze-Orange_Detail_Outsole

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