Going to UofL Makes No Sense

Patrick Barkerover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Patrick BarkerPatrick Barker
alg_rick_pitino Bruce Willis was dead at the end of 6th Sense and I... Though I suppose it's a question better left for Dustin, I can't, for the life of me, figure out why recruits continue to go to Louisville to play basketball.  It just doesn't make sense.  Did you know that before TWill and Earl Clark were drafted in the Lottery last year, the last UofL player selected in the lottery was Samaki Walker in 1996?  And that only 11 Louisville players have been selected since 1990?  To me, that says something.  Now you could disagree and say "Well Patrick, that is mostly Denny Crum's fault."  But how about this- since Pitino arrived to Louisville is 2001, he has only produced 4 (FOUR!) NBA Draft picks.  And two of those were last season!  Compare that to the 11 picks in the same span of time while he was at UK and I think you get my point. And even the talent they have produced has only turned out to be mediocre at the next level.  Clifford Rozier?  DeJuan Wheat?  Reece Gaines?  Greg Minor?  Francisco Garcia?  Most of those names you should be familiar with, but not because they produced great NBA careers.  Actually, there are more Louisville players playing currently in France (4) than in the NBA (3).  So that brings me back to my original question.  If I was an McDonald's All-American with ambitions of making it to the NBA, why would I choose to go to Louisville?  I can't think of a single good reason.  The coach is an absolute mess, he obviously has lost his ability to develop talent, the fanbase is fairweather and you're always going to be second fiddle in local and national media to UK.  Tell me how anyone can get excited about that? So congratulations, Peyton Siva.  You've selected a program that will mold you into the next Tyus Edney.  We look forward to seeing you in the Israeli National League very soon.

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