Gorgui Dieng questions UK's "team"

Drew Franklinover 8 years


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dieng Former Louisville center Gorgui Dieng respects Kentucky basketball but thinks Louisville is 'more of a team.' The soon-to-be first round draft pick acknowledged Kentucky's star-studded 2013-14 lineup during an interview with sNY.tv, then questioned if the Wildcats will be able to play together. He said, “They always have the best players and always, I don’t want to say best players, they always have the chance but are they going to be a team? We don’t know. You can have a lot of pieces but it’s tough to have a team.” “We always have a team. we always have a team,” he added. “Thats what Coach ‘P’ is all about -- team. He doesn’t care who you are . You can be the best player but if you do something wrong, he’s going to sit you down. If you’re body fat is over nine percent, you won’t play.” Dieng also said he believes this year's Louisville Cardinals will be better than the group he won an NCAA championship with just a few months ago. Is it December 28 yet? [Gorgui Dieng Says Louisville Will Be Better Next Year]

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