Grand jury declines to indict Katina Powell and Andre McGree

Drew Franklinover 4 years


Aritcle written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


And now for a follow-up to WDRB's story from earlier this morning... The Louisville grand jury has decided not to indict Katina Powell and Andre McGee on criminal charges. From WDRB update:
The Commonwealth's Attorney’s office determined there was not the “legally required independent corroboration of the allegations” made in Powell’s book, “Breaking Cardinal Rules: Basketball and the Escort Queen,” to justify recommending an indictment. In a statement, Commonwealth's Attorney Tom Wine said that "in the final analysis there is not sufficient credible evidence assembled to support bringing criminal charges against these individuals." In a press conference, Wine told reporters that while additional information may develop, "we don't see that on the horizon right now."
Turns out, Katina cannot be prosecuted based on what's out there right now, which is good because we are #TeamKatina around here. Now let's get to the good stuff and hear all about those NCAA sanctions coming for Louisville.

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