Guess What Everybody? It's Game Day Links Time!

Guess What Everybody? It's Game Day Links Time!

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-Did you know that John Wall, Demarcus Cousins and Eric Bledsoe had a reunion last night?  I’m sure you did, but John Hollinger took a second to lay some praise on the former Wildcats, and you should take a second and read it.

-What?  You want more John Wall and Demarcus Cousins?  There’s a good article about being former Kentucky team mates at, and there’s even some high lights mixed in for you.

-A South Carolina newspaper writes that the Gamecocks are still looking to bounce back from the last loss to Kentucky, after losing six of their last seven and four straight.  It’s a tall order to come into Rupp and beat Kentucky, but with South Carolina looking desperate you never know.

-Larry Vaught writes that Kentucky fans will have a chance (nay, a duty) to impress Trevor Lacey this weekend.  He’s a name that has picked up a lot of steam in the fan base, mainly because we already have 4 other awesome prospects and we need someone to ask Matt about.  But if there’s one thing BBN does well, it’s impress recruits, so let’s have a good one today.

-For some reason a newspaper in Tacoma Washington ran a piece on Calipari wanting the Cats to finish better.  Can’t deny the accuracy of the statement, even if it does generate from a weird place.  Big Blue Mist.  (Also, I’m sure there is some logical explanation that I’m being an idiot by not noticing, so if you’re in the comment section, let me know.)

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