Happy Andrew Wiggins Day!

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Aritcle written by:Corey NicholsCorey Nichols
wiggins The skills don't get much better, or the hype much bigger, than Andrew Wiggins. There is literally nothing I can post about Wiggins that you don't already know.  And I know how to use the word "literally."  We've pored over every single detail we could glean in his recruitment, down to his pre-announcement dinner request, for as long as I've been at KSR.  But there hasn't been a "Happy [Recruit] Day" yet that hasn't worked, so here we are, hoping to go 7-for-7.  I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious; can't break that habit now.  And even Karl Towns' high school knows that today is basically a holiday.     But today, in just a little over three hours, the anticipation will be over, for better or worse. I'd say it's like Christmas, but Christmas at least comes once a year.  Talent like Wiggins' is hard to find, and Drew pointed out last night that we've been waiting for this day for 21 whole months.  In the world of recruiting, where new prospects spring up and fade away before you can even say "one-and-done," following a recruit for almost two years is bewildering.  But in this case, it actually makes sense; that's how good Andrew is.  He won't be the "Next LeBron," but he will be the first Andrew Wiggins, and whichever team gets him can consider themselves lucky. Tune into the radio show, which starts in an hour, and lasts extra long to be able to cover Wiggins' announcement.  And if you can't do the radio show for whatever reason, then we've got you covered with a liveblog at noon, because that's how we roll.  If there was ever a day to tune in, it's today, so join Matt and Co. as they discuss every possible scenario, what Andrew would mean to the program, and why Kentucky makes the most sense.  Because, regardless of what all the media guys are saying, outside of FSU's family ties, Kentucky does make the most sense. So get ready to celebrate, and let's keep our hopes up.  This is like the icing on the cake; even without Wiggins, we'll have the number one recruiting class, and be the preseason favorites to win the title.  But with Wiggins, we have a chance to do something extraordinary.  So let's allow ourselves to be pleasantly surprised if he picks UK, but not overly disappointed if he chooses somewhere else.  And in case you're still wondering what all the fuss is about, watch this vidja: That was posted one month ago, and already has 1.25 million views.  For a high school basketball mix tape.  And it will all be over in t-minus 195 minutes.  Join us in the journey.

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