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I'm changing my Facebook cover photo to be this exact image. The biggest lingering question from last year's magical run now has an avenue for you to give your opinion.  If you woke up this morning thinking about Anthony Davis, and who doesn't, feel free to consider the question, once again, of whether he should get his jersey retired.  Because there's a poll up for it, and it's actually extremely close. A decade after he became one of the few freshmen to be a major contributor on a Championship team, Syracuse retired Carmelo Anthony's jersey at last weekend's loss to Georgetown.  Melo is probably the best comparison to Anthony that college basketball has, as far as accomplishments go, with the exception of a number one draft selection.  But the title, and the Final Four MOP, are both the same. I started this past offseason thinking that there's no way we could retire a freshman's jersey.  I might be wrong.  There's legitimate reason on both sides, whether you want it hanging up or not, but you can go vote here if you like.  Then feel free to discuss below.  Does the Melo retirement change anything?  Should Davis get his jersey retired before Tony Delk?  Tayshaun Prince?  Saul Smith?  Okay, maybe not Saul Smith. Here's the results so far: As you can see, the margin is still razor-thin.  This doesn't really have an impact on the decision, but it's interesting to see just how divisive this question is. Discuss amongst yourselves.  Or keep complaining about The Bachelor.  Either way.

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