Hey Jamal Murray, Calipari's talking about you

Hey Jamal Murray, Calipari's talking about you

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 6 years


Yesterday, John Calipari tweeted that he wants players who "enjoy the process," which we interpreted as a cryptic tip of the hat to Jamal Murray, who recently tweeted he was "enjoying the process." Murray is currently on a visit to Oregon, and as you might expect, Calipari dropped in a few more sly references to him throughout his press conference this morning.
“I put this out because I had heard LeBron had said it: Where his game changed when instead of worrying about being great, he was worried about the process to be great. It changed him. That’s what happens here."
Unlike other places, like, oh, you know, Oregon:
"Some people think, ‘Well, my best chance of getting where I want to go is being the main guy and taking all the shots and playing all the minutes.’ Really? Ask Devin Booker. Really? But if you really believe that, and I’m not going to convince you of anything different, you won’t come here."
And again later on...
"If a kid was a really good player and he went to a school saying, ‘I want to be the only guy that can play,’ and he gets in there and they start double teaming him and now all of a sudden he’s there three or four years, did he fail or did you pick the wrong school?"
Don't pick the wrong school, Jamal.

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