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Hey, why don’t you guys come out here with me?  I’ll give you a quarter…

Beisner posted yesterday that South Carolina’s total bill for acting like ‘cocks during their post game celebrations came up to $25,000.  Not a huge surprise for those of us that remember a football season a couple years ago, but a hefty chunk of change regardless.  The rules are the rules, and while I highly doubt the fines will affect anything (unless, of course, Boogie happens to be on the court collecting them,) the SEC has to do something to show disapproval of the potentially dangerous practice.  But the question becomes, what does the SEC do with the money they get from fines like this?

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know.  And if I did, it would probably be something boring like paying Urban Meyer’s sideline appearance fee’s.  However, over at Storming the Floor the bloggers came up with a better idea for the fund.  Why not send them to Haiti? After all, it’s not like the money was previously allocated, it’s a reactionary fine.  Why not take the money and try and do some good with it?  If you’ve got twitter, they suggest you “send SC’s fine to #Haiti’ to @SEC_Hoops, and tell ’em @STFHoops sent ya.”  Or, you know, @KySportsRadio.

Plus, if this actually happens, couldn’t Kentucky add this to the total amount of money they’ve helped raise for Haiti?

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