How Quickly things can change

by:Matt Jones12/15/05

Last night Rob and I taped the latest edition of our radio show and commented on how down and demoralized the Kentucky fanbase had become in the last few days. With the depressing loss to Indiana (a loss that I commented was maybe Kentucky’s worst in a big game since 1984 against Georgetown) in everyone’s mind and the realization that help truly was not on the way, it was easy to think that the bottom was about to fall out. Message board posts claimed that the program was in freefall and some (absurd) comments questioned if a new coach was needed. It truly was about as low as it has been around here in a long time.

And then comes this afternoon. News comes over the wire that Randolph Morris is reinstated for the season, beginning at the commencement of the SEC schedule…..and all of a sudden all is well. Kentucky fans, relieved to no longer have to debate the merits of Woo v. Shagari, could now rest all their hopes and dreams on the young man with the bored look on his face from Atlanta, Georgia. Morris (who has been chewing the same piece of gum for about three years) is back in blue and the fans are back in optimistic moods.

Many will ask in the coming weeks whether Morris will make much of a difference. I actually think he will and will explain why later, but what is much more interesting to me is the way that opinions can change so dramatically. Many were ready to jump ship on Monday, but now that Morris is back, lots of fans assume we will beat Louisville handily, even though Morris isnt even playing. Emotions are a funny thing….one minute you are down, the next you are up, and the reasons behind each emotion can be miniscule. Today is yet another day in the soap opera that is life with the Kentucky basketball program….but at least today, the viewer can go away with a smile on his/her face.

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