How the Receivers Handle Not Getting the Ball as Much

How the Receivers Handle Not Getting the Ball as Much

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[caption id="attachment_209271" align="alignnone" width="736"]UK Athletics UK Athletics[/caption] It's no secret that Kentucky's passing game has struggled.  Since the New Mexico State game, they've averaged 11.3 completions per game, with the tight ends receiving about 25% of those passes. When the receivers aren't getting the ball, it can be tough for a group that many describe as divas, even though Lamar Thomas won't use that word, "That word's not in my vocabulary." "We've gotten the ball a couple of times.  Would they like the ball more?  Yeah, but that's just being a receiver.  That's just being a receiver, whether it's elementary ball, all the way up to the pros, that's what receivers do," Thomas said.  "But you still have to do your job and you still have to win the ball game at the end of the day." Thomas tells his players "your time will come," encouraging them on the sidelines to remain focused. "You have to stay in the right frame of mind," Thomas said.  "You gotta stay upbeat because you never know when your number's gonna be called.  Some guys aren't mature enough to turn it on and turn it off, so when their number's called, they're in this bad funk.  So I try to encourage them the whole time.  Our time will come and when it does come, it's your job to make the play." So far, so good.  They've bought in, doing whatever they can to help the team win.  Eddie Gran has yet to see any problems. "I think they’ve done a great job and they’ve been really good on the sideline," Gran said. "They just want to win.”

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