How To Blackmail Into Big Blue Relevance

How To Blackmail Into Big Blue Relevance

Article written by:The Fake Gimel MartinezThe Fake Gimel Martinez
The Real Gimel As we told you earlier in the week, we have a new member of the Kentucky Sports Radio crew. His name is the Fake Gimel Martinez and he is not new to the Kentucky blog scene, once running his own very entertaining blog. I could tell you a lot more about him, but as with Beisner and Evan, you will see his talent as he writes. So without further ado, the man's first post:

I can't disclose exactly what dirt I have on Matt Jones. I cannot confirm or deny that it involves Captain Feathersword. My initial demand was to have Matt provide babysitting so I could play a proper round of Risk: 2210 AD, but letting me blog proved to be a cheaper alternative.

Regardless, you're going to have to put up with me for a while. I try to bring the ha-ha's, although I'm probably not as polished or fluid as Tomlin and Mosley. You might remember my drivel from Fire Billy and A Sea of Blue. Despite my best attempts, occasionally I break down and mock the over-passionate and the under-intelligent; even if they happen to be part of the Big Blue Nation.

And, of course, I'm not the real Gimel Martinez. Duh; this is the Internet. I prefer to keep my Internet assholery separate from my real-life dumbassery. Last thing I want is my wife, children and coworkers being pitied for putting up with 'that blogger'.

It seems I'm joining the site during an interesting period in UK Athletics' history. Our football team is starting to reap the benefits of solid coaching and recruiting. Baseball may keep moving forward, too. The "non-major" fall sports are plugging away without any recognition (something I aim to remedy; stay tuned). Better fans than I slept several days outdoors to obtain tickets to our big basketball practice. A practice for a basketball team looking to start meeting the lofty expectations set by the kind of fans who sleep several days outside to obtain tickets for a basketball practice.

Speaking of basketball, I am loving that the team is a little more accessible to the Big Blue Nation. The open gyms are perfect for us who love basketball enough to watch pick-up games. And return of the Blue-White game will give us yet another opportunity to gripe about Jared Carter again.

(By the way, LEAVE JARED ALONE! HE'S A HUMAN! If Billy passed on a Kentucky-bred 7-footer, half the Blue Recruitniks would let out one huge collective shriek that would shatter glass in Huntington. I do feel bad for Jared; its not like he planned on having injury problems. If I spent a little under two years in a leg brace, I'd be a little gunshy about playing all out, too.)

Normally late September and early October holds the most time for college sports fans to feel optimistic about their teams. With the potential of our teams, Kentucky fans should feel extra optimistic. I'm definitely going to enjoy what time I have to share our passions for Kentucky sports. I do hope that you enjoy what I do. Let me know in zee comments, or you can use the archaic method of electronic mail: thefakegimelmartinez at gmail dot com.

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