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Bomani Jones03/17/08


Article written by:Bomani JonesBomani Jones

(Before we get to the theme of this here post, does anyone know if Joe Lunardi got field of 65?  If I’m not mistaken, he got every team right.  If so, props to him, especially the way guys like Jay Bilas ravaged him on the air for not putting teams like Arizona State in.)

1. …did Drake get a 5-seed?  Yes, they had a ridiculously high RPI, buoyed by a 7-1 record against the RPI Top 50.  Six of those wins were over Creighton and Illinois State, two teams that didn’t make the tournament.  That’s not a 5, folks.   Brackets beware.

2. …lucky should Cats fans feel?  Very.  Marquette, with its almost nonexistent frontcourt (Lazar Hayward notwithstanding), might be the most overrated team in the country.  This is a game when having a big guard like Joe Crawford will be really helpful.  But, for what it’s worth, Stanford’s frontcourt is just a little better.

3. …mad should Tennessee feel about the chance of playing North Carolina in Charlotte?  Not at all.  Ain’t like they’re getting that far.  Louisville drew a great potential Sweet 16 matchup in the Vols.

4. …good are Georgia’s chances of getting a win?  I have no idea, honestly.  Neither do you.

5. …upset am I that the USC-Kansas State matchup is in a pod that I’m not covering?  More than you can understand.  I do get to see Eric Gordon, though.

6. …did Arizona State get left out when Arizona got in, and they beat Zona twice?  Because the committee probably couldn’t decide between the two and ultimately decided that it didn’t matter which team got left out and which just got eliminated in the first-round.  In five days, no one will think much of this one.

7. …tired of you of hearing people say the tournament should expand to 128?  Hopefully as tired as I am.  What team not in this tournament do you want to see play another game?  I can do without my Creighton fix.

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