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Well, we did it.  We made it through our first full day of life after Matt, though he did fall back into a relapse and make a post late Tuesday evening (Matt, we need to talk).  All in all, things seemed to go well.  At the very least, there weren't any brawls, which is more than we can say for the wedding of wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan.  TMZ is reporting that there was a brawl at the Hulkster's wedding on Tuesday in...this shouldn't be a surprise...Florida.  As of me writing this, there are no names attributed to the ruckus, but Bodog has given favorite odds to the Iron Sheik climbing out from under the altar and interrupting the Brother Love-led festivities with an old fashioned humbling.  It's also pretty much a lock that Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs got drunk and passed out.  So, just remember, no matter how tough it was for you to stomach a day without Matt Jones, things could have been much worse.    Now onto some UK notes...  - As we endure a few off days before the Cats suit up again for a battle with might Mississippi Valley State, the focus remains on the possibility that DeAndre Daniels will be selecting his college soon and showing up on campus soon thereafter.  There was a little bit more insight into the subject on Tuesday, however, when Evan Daniels said that Daniels will not play this year, though he will likely enroll early.  Where that will be remains a mystery.  The Kansas Rivals site reported that they were still hearing "good things" about the forward and the Jayhawks, but as we said earlier, most around the UK program probably feel the same way, as do the other schools he's considering.  As of this moment, the situtation is just a waiting game, with Daniels still saying publicly that he plans to visit NC State on the 19th.  - As the days pass, the prevailing question for UK fans continues to be the status of Enes Kanter.  As Matt noted in a previous post and alluded to on the radio show, it appears that UK has a glimmer of optimism that the Turkish big man will finally be freed.  Most of this stems from the "new information", which centers around the Cam Newton ruling.  But, as we've said previously, if the new information is shot down, UK will then submit to an appeal board once again.  - On a related note, ESPN put together an interesting story on Tuesday that, though it doesn't directly relate to the Kanter case, it does provide an interesting view of foreign players currently playing in colleges.  Andy Katz wrote that there is a trend developing of these foreign players leaving college mid-season to sign professional contracts overseas and it's an interesting contrast from the case currently being reviewd by the NCAA of a player who has turned down those overtures in hopes of playing in the States.  It likely won't impact how the Kanter's case will be reviewed, but it does make you wonder how the NCAA is now viewing the situation as a whole.  - Speaking of ESPN and foreign basketball, the man dubbed by the entire world as the "international expert", Fran Fraschilla, chatted with fans and talked about someone that sounds like a person we all know, but I'm not 100% sure. fran-frashcilla Expert indeed.  - With Harrison Barnes disappearing off the the All-American map already, Matt Jones' new co-worker, Gary Parrish, decided to place another freshman on his updated roster.  The Faux Hawk placed Terrence Jones on his All-American squad and called him "the nation's biggest individual surprise".  Earlier in the day, ESPN's Chad Ford cited Jones' arrival on the national scene as being impressive as well, saying that the Portland native has dominated his opponents while playing out of position a bit for a Kentucky team that is lean in the middle.  Even with his recent struggles, which you can expect to be short-lived, Jones has placed himself as one of the nation's best players already.  If the Cats an keep winning, you can expect him to clean up on hardware at the end of the year. - It wasn't a great night in Rick Pitino's House of Conspiring as the Drexel Dragons knocked off the Cards, placing themselves in the Bluegrass basketball history book once again.  The team that was UK's 2000th victim is now the Yum! Center's first winning visitor.  They're also the pre-season pick to finish sixth in the CAA.  After the game, Drexel coach (and former Cal assistant) Bruiser Flint told reporters that he's going to put the Cards back on the schedule once Rick Pitino gets the program back to where it used to be.  I thought that was awfully kind of him.  Thanks to a cupcake schedule to this point, the Cards entered the game as the nation's 21st-best rebounding team but got manhandled on the boards by the Dragons, 45-25 and shot a sexy 48% from the free throw line.  Tonight, they have visions of Jorts stomping in their heads.  - Meanwhile, down south, it wasn't a great night to be a Volunteer as Tennessee fell to Oakland, who was fresh off of a one-point loss to Michigan State.  The Vols, who had been the recipient of much love in the last week and had quietly risen to 7th in the polls, now have losses to Indianapolis (exhibition) and Oakland to go with impressive wins over Pittsburgh and Villanova.  The good news is that they have no more AFC teams on their schedule.  The bad news is that they, along with Louisville, are now winless in this KSR era of Beezner.  And this jinx isn't going away anytime soon.  - Speaking of the Cards, Louisville issued a statement saying that the reports of Rick Pitino coaching Puerto Rico are premature.  Well, they didn't use that word, but everyone was thinking it.  But, the more relevant news to you was what ole Rick said in an interview with Dime Magazine.  Pitino said that the success of Calipari ("They get the top six or seven guys in the country every year") has changed the way the Cards recruit.  He added that Kentucky has "raised the bar, so to speak".  To be fair, it probably also seems that way because he's lowered it so much in the past couple of seasons.  - In NBA news, the Houston Rockets continue to do their best to be the Commonwealth's team as they swung a deal to add T-Wizzle to Patrick Patterson and Chuck Hayes.  I don't really have much to add about that, but I know if I didn't mention it, someone would accuse me of having my head up my tail.  There are far too many other reasons to be accused of that.  Choosing this one would be a grave mistake. -  This is shaping up to be a big weekend for UK football recruiting as a number of committed players and targets get set to be wowed by the recruiting room at the Nutter Fieldhouse.  On Tuesday, the names of Josh Clemons (via Steve Jones) and Marcus Caffey (via Jeff Drummond) were added to that list.  Both players are three-star running backs and both are from Georgia.  Also, both of their last names start with a "C".  - Finally, I miss Sons of Anarchy.  That's all. That's it for now.  Stay tuned throughout the day on Wednesday as we continue to move on without our fearless leader.  There will be laughs, there will be tears and there will be BTI.  What else do you need?  Make sure you stick around.  See you in a few...

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