I wonder what "Da Meat Hook" is doing right now


Ever been watching an 80’s crime drama and wondered what happened to Gimel Martinez? Or, maybe you’ve thought about Scotty Thurman during this whole Randolph Morris debacle, and grew melancholy because of his unknown whereabouts. Well, I’ve selected a few obscure and memorable UK opponents and players, and did some intense investigating to bring you the latest on what they are doing now. Check back as I will continue to update the list.

By popular request, let’s check in on some gridiron favorites:
Kio Sanford

Jeff Snedegar

This one was just too good to pass up. As I landed in Detroit on my pursuit of the elusive Jeff Brassow, I came across something muuuuchh better. Let’s just say Ol’ Jeff didn’t do too bad for himself.

For the fine-folks in the Norse, here’s a Dave Cowens update. This might be old news, but I haven’t been briefed on the WNBA for a while…(I heart you Title Nine)

Conveniently, Antwain Barbour, Anthony Epps, and Luke Whitehead all showed up in the same place. CatFan03, I’ve got my best guy on the Billy McCaffrey case. I just got off the phone with his ex-girlfriend from two years ago who says he could be in the St. Louis area doing real estate. I’ll keep you posted. I did however, track down Dan Langhi , so I hope that will quench your thirst for now.

Trajan Langdon

Isiah Victor Tennessee, 1998-01

Erik Daniels Kentucky, 2000-03

Ron Slay Tennessee, 1999-2002

C.J. Black Tennessee, 1995-99?

Beau Zach Smith Louisville, 1993-96

Scotty Thurman Arkansas, 1992-94

Miles Simon Arizona, 1994-97

Rashad Carruth Kentucky, 2001

Gimel Martinez Kentucky, 1990-93

Dametri “Da Meat Hook” Hill Florida, 1993-96

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