If a One Seed is the Goal; the Next Two are a Must

Sam Gormleyover 2 years


Aritcle written by:Sam GormleySam Gormley
A little over three months ago, the Big Blue Nation was in shambles. Although not mad, they were disappointed after the football team fell to Georgia in a game that would have sent them to the SEC Championship. Then just a few days later, the basketball team was run off the floor in a game against Duke before the football team was embarrassed against Tennessee. That brings us to today. If you ask me, I barely remember the Duke game. I have moved on from the feelings of that week and instead am feeling the same level excitement that I felt after the Bahamas. After falling in their first SEC game of the season, the Cats have rolled through the conference and are winners of 9 straight. This week brings the first place and team tied for second into Rupp Arena for two huge games. The dreams of a one seed were thought to be gone after the Seton Hall and Alabama loss, but now they are starting to become an actual possibility. This is the only time they are scheduled to play LSU. A win gives them a top 25 win against a really good team. Then on Saturday, #1 Tennessee comes to Lexington for another huge game. If Kentucky can come out on top in both games, they could find themselves ranked as high as #2 in the country and as a #1 seed. By sweeping these two games, it will also allow for another loss to happen to a good SEC team and it not affect seeding that much. For example, if they lose in Knoxville or lose to a quality team in the SEC tournament, these two wins would easily offset either one. LSU and Tennessee are the two most important games on the schedule. Simply put, because they are the next two games, but when you look at the bigger picture, they could help open a path to being a #1 seed in Louisville. If that happens? I'll take this team against anybody in the country.

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