In case you forgot, Cal wants to remind you this is a "players-first program"

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 8 years


Kentucky Basketball News Conference I miss them. With only a few days left until the SEC Tournament, Cal wanted to take a minute to remind the BBN that Kentucky is a "players first program," not a "player first program." Just in case that's clear enough, here's his explanation:
That’s what “players first” is about. It isn’t “player first.” People don’t understand it’s plural. ... During the season, we become one of the most efficient teams in the country every year. That means players are sacrificing and giving up some of themselves for the team. You don’t have 30-point scorers on my team. You have guys that score 30 in a game, but they don’t try to do it every game because they are playing for their team. A great example is last year with Anthony Davis. He took the fourth-most shots and became the No. 1 pick. His stock rose as our stock rose.
Is your "Cal-loquial" bingo card full yet? Cal goes on to say that it's taken some of his teams longer than others to "lose themselves in the team," but when they do, the sky's the limit. The post is your general run-of-the-mill Cal-speak, but I had a feeling he would post something after the USA Today article came out in which Rick Pitino insinuated that he didn't form relationships with his players that go pro after a year.

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