In Order to Not Disappoint...Some Recruiting Bits

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I may not have the humor of a Drew Franklin, the hair of a Matt Jones, or the raw skill, fertile loins and god-given writing abilities of a Thomas Beisner. I can, though, spell better than BTI and keep you pretty updated on the recruiting trail. So just to keep my tiny fan base happy, I have to throw in a little recruiting update on my Saturday of babysitting the tantrum throwing toddler server and site that is KSR. Mr. Teague plays well, but loses, and talks recruiting: Teague and his Pike teammates played against Indiana juggernaut Bloomington South on Friday Night. Teague scored 15 points in what some described as a lackluster effort in the beginning. Teague tried to use a great onslaught towards the end but ultimately could not pull Pike back into, losing 66-55. After the game, Teague spoke with (sub req) and dropped a little knowledge on his mindset.  He continues to list IU, OSU, Cincinnati, Kentucky, Louisville and Purdue and the writer agrees that UL has been the long favorite with UK gaining tons of steam recently. Teague also confirms what has been the talk for quite some time, that he continues to want to drop by Lexington for a couple home games. Those should occur in the near future when scheduling can be worked out. Ryan Harrow mentions CJ Leslie: You'll have to have a Scout subscription in order to look at the complete diary entry but in Ryan Harrow's latest, he touches on some of the issues that we've discussed here recently and what has been on a lot of UK fan's minds when it comes to recruiting. That, of course, is the recent lovefest between CJ Leslie and NC State. Harrow touches on the family connection he has with Word of God coach Erasto Hatchett and how Hatchett has helped keep him abreast of all things NC State related. CJ, as most of you know, plays for Word of God and is close friends with Harrow, hence the connection. Add those to the fact that CJ was once an NC State commit himself and lives in the same state and you can see why he would be attending games and so on. While this does give NC State a big advantage, it doesn't make them the ultimate winners or even the favorites. Odds are against a kid recommitting and UK seems to mesh the best with CJ's ultimate goals and desires. So when you hear the news of CJ and NC State, just remember the connections and that it doesn't necessarily mean that he is showing them the kind of recruiting love you generally see with these multiple visits. *Obviously all of the above was written before news broke of CJ Leslie's visit to Rupp this afternoon but the information still pertains and the visit by CJ should only work to ease UK's fans' minds completely. Other notes:

- More on CJ Leslie, NC State and Kentucky. (HT: Aaron)

- Brandon Knight scored a new career high by hitting 8 three pointers on his way to a 35 point game and an 80-71 victory over American Heritage. This just further showcases how many different ways Brandon can kill you.

- Inside the Hall takes a look at 2012 recruit DeJuan Marrero of Indiana. Probably a nice time for you to get up to speed on a kid that UK has been scouting for awhile.

- Terrence Jones was the ESPN RISE Player of the Week this week.

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