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In Their Own Words: Why the Hoosiers Will Lose to Kentucky

Tyler Montell12/06/11


Article written by:On3 imageTyler Montell
IU Fans

Indiana fans reacting inconsistently


Remember how unreasonable those Indiana people acted on the Twitter about Cal’s “wear red” joke? I know, how could you forget. Well, those Hoosiers are a tricky bunch, as they seemed to have shifted gears and pulled a 180 today. Their fan site, The Crimson Quarry, posted this little gem today at 1:00 p.m.: “Why the Hoosiers Will Lose to Kentucky.”

I’m shocked. After all that sailor talk directed at Coach Cal yesterday, you turn around and give the game away the next day? What gives, IU? The article is well written and honest, as Kentucky is, by all accounts, expected to beat Indiana on Saturday. But wow.

Really, you need to click over and read the entire post, but here is a preview:

Athletically Overmatched: For all the heart and soul that Jordan Hulls possesses on the court he still can’t make up for his lack of size and athleticism. Like many of us were forced to learn the hard way in high school, Jordan Hulls might have to learn Saturday, that sometimes you aren’t physically cut out to compete at the next level up. Daniel Moore is in the same situation and Verdell Jones at least for Saturday will also have his eggs in that basket. Plain and simple, Kentucky outmatches the Hoosiers athleticism ten to one. Indiana will have to use its brains to compensate for this physical shortcoming. The bright side is that Hulls has been overmatched plenty in previous seasons and has still managed to hold his own. Danny Moore ditto, but neither have really run into athletes such as Kentucky’s. Indiana will have to lean heavily on Victor Oladipo and Will Sheehey to go toe to toe on the defensive perimeter with Kentucky’s athletes.


Other Tuesday Nuggets for you Turkeys:

– Today, Ben Howland suspended Reeves Nelson, an apparent extra from ‘Sons of Anarchy.’

– You know I love pizza. So I’ll pass along this deal: Any Puccini’s Smiling Teeth large pizza is just $10 through Thursday. Louisville location only.

– Rush The Court’s SEC Power Rankings were posted today. Kentucky at the top, #2 Florida, #3 Alabama.

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