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Facebook Watch debuted its new show, Inside The Madness: Kentucky Basketball, over the weekend and it is must-see entertainment for all Kentucky basketball fans. The 10-part docuseries will roll out a new episode each Saturday, and this past Saturday's episode, "We Win Or We Learn," taught us a lot about the current UK team that many fans are struggling to love. The first episode follows the Wildcats in the days leading up to the Monmouth game in New York City back in December, and concludes with the actual game action. And while everyone is included, Hamidou Diallo and his return home are a major focal point. [Give it a watch on Facebook Watch here.] Now let's revisit some of what we learned in the behind-the-scenes glimpse into our favorite college basketball program:   John Calipari has a $6,000 table in his office. We know that because Quade Green sat on it during a team meeting, which led Calipari to tell him, "What's wrong with you? You think you're in Philadelphia?"   Hamidou Diallo never thought he'd play for Kentucky. "Within this last year I'm seeing a bunch of things I never thought was possible," Diallo said. "I just think of it as a blessing. When I was 10, 11, 12, 13, watching Kentucky play, I never thought I'd be the kid wearing a Kentucky jersey."   Coach Cal walks his dogs around his neighborhood. You'd think a man with a schedule and a bank account like John Calipari's would hire a dog-walker. Nope. Coach Cal takes his pups around the block as fans honk their car horns and shout from their car windows on Richmond Road.   The guys get haircuts in their hotel room. Maybe it was because they were in New York for a game in Madison Square Garden, but Hamidou Diallo and Jarred Vanderbilt invited a barber into Diallo's hotel room to give each of them a haircut. Diallo said he gets one before every game because "it's part of his brand" and he doesn't want to "be out there looking all scruffy."   Kevin Knox thinks Kevin Durant is better than LeBron James. P.J. Washington's face says how he feels about Knox believing Durant is the best.   Quade Green has seven siblings. The episode caught him FaceTiming with his mom and two of his sisters back home. He said he has six sisters and one brother.   The team flies on a chartered plane named "Deb." It's a Boeing 737-800 operated by Miami Air, which also chartered flights for the Miami Dolphins and Pittsburgh Steelers last season.   Diallo's family was very excited about the win. And Diallo's 23 points in his homecoming, probably.   See the full episode here.

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