Interesting Comments from Bobby Perry

Interesting Comments from Bobby Perry

Matt Jonesabout 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
bobbyp.jpeg Our man Larry Vaught of the Danville Advocate-Messenger and KentuckySportsReport has been doing yeoman's work here in the last few weeks, getting the stories that put the other newspaper folks to shame. Case in point.....he has had two tremendous articles talking with one of the more articulate young men to ever play for the Cats, Bobby Perry. In them, Bobby has interesting things to say about the state of the UK program and its future. In the first, he comments about how he feels that the decision to leave by Tubby Smith may have been best for all parties. And in the second, he mentions his lack of contact with Coach Smith since his departure. The last of these two points is a true sticking issue with these guys. Woo has mentioned it to me on multiple occasions, saying that for guys like he and Sheray Thomas, "now is the time we need his help in life." I genuinely think Tubby Smith is a good coach and a better person. But I am VERY disappointed in the way that he has handled his departure as it pertains to these former players. Unlike the guys still on the team (who Tubby might not want to bother since they have a new coach), these three young men were his players for four years and received a lot of criticism during their time here. He should be looking out for these young men at a time that all of their careers are a bit up in the air. Again, great work by Larry Vaught here.... Bobby Perry part 1 Bobby Perry Part 2

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