Isaac Humphries wants your help spreading the message in his new anti-bullying campaign

Aaron Torresover 3 years


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Former Kentucky Wildcat Isaac Humphries is having a heck of a first professional season in Australia this year. After leaving Kentucky last spring, Humphries landed with his hometown Sydney Kings of the Australian Basketball League, following a brief stint in the NBA Summer League. Despite being one of the youngest players in the league, Humphries has averaged a seven points and just under four rebounds per game, in 26 games for the Knights this season. But more than the statistics he’s put up on the court, Humphries might be having a bigger impact off of it. On Monday, he launched an anti-bullying campaign that he’s dubbed “The Inside-Out Challenge.” He discussed the challenge and more, on a recent interview on the Aaron Torres Sports Podcast on the KSR Podcast network (you can listen to the full interview here). “I was walking through a mall, and I had just bought a t-shirt and I just randomly came up with this idea which I thought had such an effective meaning,” Humphries told KSR. “It’s called the “Inside-Out Campaign” or the “Insight-Out Challenge” and it’s an anti-bullying, pro-acceptance campaign.” So what is the “Inside-Out Challenge?” Well, much like the “Ice Bucket Challenge” from years ago, it’s pretty simple. What Humphries wants fans to do is to take a picture of themselves or a picture with friends, with their shirt on inside-out. Then they can post it to Instagram, Twitter or social media with the hash tag #MyInsideOut. Then, tag three friends to help the message spread. Why should you wear your shirt inside-out? The answer is pretty simple according to Humphries? “The symbolism behind it is, turning your shirt inside-out shows that you accept people for who they are on the inside,” Humphries said. The campaign officially launched Monday in Australia (which is essentially Sunday night here in the United States) and according to Humphries, several prominent celebrities in Australia have already agreed to help out. It’s already taken off here in the United States with John Calipari sharing his support on Instagram late Monday afternoon. In terms of finding out more information on the campaign, you can visit, the campaign’s Instagram page, or of course by following Isaac on Twitter. What’s most important however is to continue to raise understanding on a topic which impacts thousands of children worldwide. “I just think nowadays, in this day and age, with bullying and all sorts of things that go on, accepting people for who there are, regardless of race, religion, color, sexuality, regardless of who they are, regardless of anything [is important],” Humphries said. “It’s about who they are as people and who they are on the inside that counts.” For more information the campaign, be sure to visit, and for those who want to be involved, be sure to tag Isaac on Twitter as well. Also, if you want to listen to Isaac’s entire interview with the Aaron Torres Sports Podcast, where he discusses his time at Kentucky, whether he regrets leaving and his advice for this year’s team, be sure to download the podcast below. It's available through the KSR feed on iTunes and Google Play. Streaming online is simple through Pod Paradise.  You can also get it directly to your phone by subscribing to the Aaron Torres Sports Podcast feed on iTunes or via Android’s Podcast Addict app.

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