It Pays to Flop

by:Matt Jones07/09/06
So the most unlikely event to have totally engrossed the members of the KSR Radio crack staff, the World Cup, has come to a close with literally the worst possible team winning....Italy. To me the Italians represent the worst of soccer....defensive oriented, flopping at any and all contact and a degree of whining about referee decisions that makes Mark Cuban look calm. Watching them take the trophy today was difficult to bear, but it just shows that in soccer, as in life, things are not fair. The best part of the match today of course was the "Headbutt heard Round the World" by Zinadine Zidane. VIDEO OF SAID HEADBUTT Over the last three weeks, much had been made of how Zidane was the elder statesman of the game and had taken over the World Cup with his "classy" (i.e. old) style and how he was a welcome change from the new primadonnas that dominate the sport. Of course Zidane was able to immediately end the goodwill by going all Latrell Spreewell/Dennis Rodman during the overtime session and doing a bizarre "headbutt to the chest" routine that is a move so improbable that it wouldnt even be done in the WWE. What was more absurd about the action is that it was literally the last ever moment of Zidane's soccer career. He is retiring after the World Cup, which means that one of the true legends of the sport ended his run not with a goal or the hoisting of the World Cup, but with a crazed attack on a random Italian. This got me thinking. Has there ever been a more auspicious way for a legend to end his career in sports? I mean not even Willie Mays falling in the outfield with the Mets was this bad.....that was inept, but this was just pitiful. Any suggestions. Maybe our resident legend, Woo Orbzut can end his career by putting Joakim Noah in the Figure Four leglock while Sheray Thomas gives a frog splash off the top of the "steel rim."

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