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It was another wild scene from the BBM campout

TJ Walker09/26/18


Article written by:On3 imageTJ Walker
Kentucky fans don't disappoint. In a year where the Cats may be the favorite to win it all the conversation over the last month has been strictly football. It left some of us wondering exactly how the Big Blue Madness campout would look in 2018, especially considering the limited space surrounding Memorial Coliseum. Well, it looked similar to years past. You folks are crazy. Tent City was filled on Wednesday in 15 minutes. https://twitter.com/KentuckyMBB/status/1044872250439208961 A few years ago a young girl suffered a broken arm when running to claim her spot at the Big Blue Madness campout and since that accident they have asked fans to be more orderly crossing Avenue of Champions. Instead of an all-out-dash, it's a slow walk that eventually leads to shorter sprint. On Wednesday morning it was still the same old madness. https://twitter.com/KentuckyMBB/status/1044875532410802176 So, students living on campus and UK employees, you'll have some new neighbors for the next couple days. The space is more limited than previous seasons, but it still looks like tents will nearly be on top of one another as fans anxiously await receiving tickets to Big Blue Madness, which will take place on October 12th. We'd love to see your pictures from Tent City and share your experiences over the next couple days with us. I know some people think that the Big Blue Madness campout had run its course, but I really enjoy it. It's something specifically unique to Kentucky to and it probably hasn't made or broken a basketball recruitment, but it's always something cool for recruits and their families to see/hear about. Is there any other school that has grown adults, kids and students campout for a practice? I didn't think so. Even as space becomes more limited I hope UK continues to allow a Big Blue Madness campout as long as fans continue to show. https://twitter.com/KentuckyMBB/status/1044889356861919233 [mobile_ad]

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