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walldance It was a short week but the continual spats made it seem like a long one. Finished the week on the golf course in a Scramble and now ready for a weekend of great football, albeit probably not in Commonwealth Stadium. Some notes before the weekend: --- The big story of the day is the decision by Tennessee to punish itself before the NCAA does for some basketball infractions. The NCAA apparently investigated UT for illegal phone calls to recruits and in the process Bruce Pearl gave "misleading" information (aka "lies") to the investigators. Tennessee has decided to fine Bruce Pearl 25% of his salary and he will not be allowed to recruit on the road for one calendar year, starting in September. The punishments are strong for Pearl as an individual, but he does keep his job. The NCAA however might decide to impose greater sanctions on the program, although they dont have the ability to cut salary for Pearl to a greater degree. --- As I have said before, I like Bruce Pearl and he and his staff have been nice to us over the years, including this past year with offers of support when I had a family issue in Knoxville, Tennessee. I think he is great for the SEC and I love any coach with a personality. But one cannot help but think how much differently this would have played out if it were John Calipari. The sports world would have been outraged, calling for his firing and saying he "got what he deserved." The NY Times devoted less than 100 words to the story today, while they have written nearly 2000 about Kentucky issues this summer, none of which have resulted in any penalties. I am glad Bruce is keeping his job, but he should be glad that he isnt Cal...because the media would not give him the slack he has received. --- Speaking of the New York Times, we called the newspaper today on the air to ask about more about Thamel's story about Enes Kanter. The Times would not answer whether Pete Thamel used an interpreter for his interview with the Turkish GM, and instead said that it was "made clear in the story he spoke Turkish", thus making the readers aware of the issue. One problem with that however...if you read the story, no such mention was made. When we found that out, we called back...and got no answer and no response. We will follow up again Monday, as I must assume the New York Times would not be #wrongonpurpose with KSR today. --- Tayshaun Prince was one of many inducted in the UK Hall of Fame tonight and there to introduce him was Tubby Smith. I am told Tubby talked about how great the UK fans were to him and what a great ambassador for UK Tayshaun Prince has been over the years. Tay is one of my favorites to ever wear the uniform and I look forward to the day his jersey is retired in Rupp. --- The football game kicks off at 7:30 on Saturday vs Western and we will begin our first LIVE BLOG of the year at 6:45 live from Commonwealth Stadium. Lots of topics to get to, so make sure you tune in. If you want to know about the game on television, here is the summary. If you have Insight Cable, you have it. If you have another cable company, you have it if you have Comcast Sports Net. If you have Direct TV or Dish Network, you have to get it on Pay Per View. That is the easy rundown. Also remember to listen to the KSR Postgame show on WHAS 840 AM one hour after the game ends. We will have the stream link here on the site. Big day Saturday and Hunter and I will take you through it. It is also the anniversary of the September 11 attacks, and we hope all will take a second to remember those who lost their lives on that horrific day. Below are the links to the radio shows from the week, including our talks about Kanter, UK football, chats with Dave Baker, Mike Decourcy and Gary Parrish, phone calls to the NY Times, discussions on how to meet ladies who cheer for other teams, some taunting of Cardinal fans because of the win and much more. Listen below and if you havent yet, subscribe to the daily radio show podcasts on iTunes here. Also remember two words....FREE ENES

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