Its Sign Time in Rupp

Its Sign Time in Rupp

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
joakim.jpeg Well we requested signs to be made, and you folks came through. We had lots of great suggestions, but as we said, we can only make 3. The good folks at "SIGNS NOW" in Lexington, Kentucky have graciously agreed to make the winners for us, but first we have to pick the winners. Below are our look at them, pick which ones you like the best, and only if you have a GREAT ONE, suggest a wild card entry. These signs will be given to students at Gameday and the Game to get publicity. So make it good..... 1. Hey Noah: Prepare the Ark (with a picture of a Big Blue Storm) 2. Picture of Roberson and Walsh wearing McDonald's gear: "Your Future is Bright at Florida" 3. Doug Gottlieb stole my wallet (GREAT in my view) 4. "Da Meat Hook is Not Walking Through that Door." (nice Pitino jab here) 5. Picture of Steve Irwin holding Noah's head and saying "She's A BEAUT!!!!" 6. "Noah, You're no Schintzus" 7. Lee Humphrey under the Movie Poster "Little Miss Sunshine" 8. "All animals on Joakim Noah's Ark are Male" (couldnt help but make me laugh) 9. Gator Hater's Ball (little Dave Chapelle) 10. Jodie Meeks Shall Inherit the Earth 11. "I Bet on Dupay!" 12. "Florida and Barbaro: Both Buried in the Bluegrass!" 13. Picture of two National Championship Trophy Cases : "Mine is Bigger than Yours" 14. Katherine Harris's face: "I Count a UK Win!" Go to work....

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