Jai Lucas and Duke....the Secret is out?

Jai Lucas and Duke....the Secret is out?

Matt Jonesalmost 15 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
So if you were watching high school basketball tonight on ESPN, you may have heard that Coach K has inquired to John Lucas about the possibility of Duke entering the picture for Jai Lucas. Many are taking this as an important moment in the Lucas recruiting process, but it is not a surprise. Duke has contacted Lucas at various points during the recruiting process and they have been one of the schools that he has kept on the radar for some time. Coach K however (likely realizing the relationship that Lucas and Patterson have) has now asked Lucas to consider Duke harder. So the question becomes, will he? Well the conversations between Coach K and Jai began before our most recent interview with him. He mentioned to me off the record that Duke had called, but suggested that the "top 4 were still the top 4." Why is that? Well likely because at this point, Duke does not have a scholarship for Jai. That is a major issue obviously and it is what keeps the Blue Devils from being in the top selections at this point. However folks should be realistic. If Duke offers a scholarship or finds one in Quinn Snyder's hair, the Blue Devils will be in the mix. Jai would be silly not to consider Duke and I think he will listen to what they have to say. Ultimately however, the Lucases had a lot of options for schools that some consider "better" than the ones on his list. They are comfortable with that list. Will Duke get a look....if they have a scholarship, likely yes. But I think the handwringing that with Duke in, Jai as a Blue Devil is certain is a little premature.

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