Jai Lucas update/Post-visit thoughts

Just spoke with Matt who chatted with Jai Lucas earlier today. Here's a little of what Lucas had to say: Jai characterized the visit as "amazing", saying that it was a "great time all around." He said that Bobby Perry was his official host but "basically the whole team was around us all weekend and they were all cool guys." Jai confirmed that he has not committed to UK or any school as of yet. "At this point I plan on taking every visit, but I'll have to see how things progress." Lucas was blown away with the hooplah at Madness, espcially concerning the fan support. Hearing the fans chanting his name "was one of the coolest things ever in my life." Lucas also reiterated the tight bond among the UK recruits, saying "we've grown real close." They had plenty of bonding time this weekend, beginning with Madness on Friday night, taking in the unrivaled ambiance of Keeneland yesterday afternoon, and dining on Donna's finest china at the Smith residence last night. Lucas must have felt like royalty all weekend, and was "amazed that people recognized me" while out on the town. While Kentucky didn't get the best case scenario of an on-site commitment, Matt says that Lucas seemed blown away by the entire event and that you have to feel good about the Cats' chances with Lucas. From all indications, and Lucas himself, his visit couldn't have gone better. Keep a close eye on this blog over the week as Matt will keep you-- John Q. Fan--updated with any and all information that trickles out of the recruiting front. In addition, there will be much more information after the show tonight, which should be ready for download tomorrow.

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