Jake Plummer as you have never seen him

Matt Jonesalmost 16 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
Now I know very few people who actually have a solo moustache. It is a very odd look and as we discussed earlier, it is rarely pulled off (that means you Adam Morrison!) Jim Tirey does a decent job with the goatee, but he is really just showing off as he wants to show that he CAN grow hair somewhere. However to show that my opinion is not the final say on the matter, it turns out that there are some bloggers our there who have fallen in love with Jake Plummer's stache. There were some public intellectuals who suggested when the internet was created that it would be a vast wasteland, full of very little of merit. Some even wondered if it would lead to the end of all worthwhile discourse in public forums. Well it is clear by the above link, that they were wrong.....so wrong.

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