Jeff Goodman would take Julius Randle, not Andrew Wiggins, with the No. 1 pick

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juliusrandle   Jeff Goodman encourages everyone to hold off on calling the 2014 NBA Draft the "Andrew Wiggins Sweepstakes." It's not going to be that way, he says. Goodman, if he held the first overall selection in next summer's draft, would take Julius Randle with that top pick. Here's why:
Randle was a wannabe Kevin Durant during his head-to-head matchup with Wiggins, preferring to play on the perimeter instead of posting up with his intimidating frame. No one insisted he do work where he's best-equipped to do so, and that's in the paint. That won't be the case in college, when Kentucky coach John Calipari will force Randle to get in the post and use his power, quickness and athleticism to provide a mismatch for just about any opposing big man. Randle can be an unstoppable force. He's big, extremely strong and ultra-athletic, and he plays with a high motor. He's got a defined position at power forward, and his game will easily translate to the next level. He's about production and potential. "He can absolutely be the No. 1 pick," one general manager said.
Duke's Jabari Parker is another guy who could potentially hear his name called before Andrew Wiggins next summer, Goodman writes. At least a couple NBA GMs agree. Yeah, Wiggins is the early favorite, but there's still a year of college basketball to be played. Don't hand Wiggins the first hat just yet. [Should Julius Randle be taken No. 1?]

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